Over the counter medication in pregnant women


Therapie. 2008 Nov-Dec;63(6):415-8. doi: 10.2515/therapie/2008064. Epub 2009 Feb 24.

[Over the counter medication in pregnant women].

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A prospective survey is conducted in a population of pregnant women in order to evaluate the prevalence of pregnant women using over the counter medication, to define their profile and to evaluate the information received about prenatal drug exposure and teratogen risk. During the study period, 223 women were interviewed, 23.3% of them use over the counter medication. In most cases, the drugs are « comfort drug ». One woman, only, had taken anti-inflammatory during the first trimester. Only 51% had received information on drug and teratogen risk. Self medication is not frequently used by the pregnant women. The information provided by health professionals, about the risk and OTC medications during pregnancy, is insufficient.
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